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MariaDB 10.1

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MariaDB is a popular open source relational database management system for software developers and administrators and is a replacement for Oracle's MySQL, which has been the long standing leader in the field. It was developer by the same team as MySQL and is a more efficient, faster and flexible version of MySQL with support for greater number of storage engines and plugins. It is fully compatible with other database systems and makes migration to MariaDB easy and convenient.

Скриншот MariaDB #1 Скриншот MariaDB #2 Скриншот MariaDB #3


- An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL.
- Open source and portable database management.
- Supports a variety of clients and API.
- Quick and transparent security releases.
- Supports multiple storage engines and plugins.
- Fully compatible with other databases for importing.
- Improved performance for subqueries

System Requirements

- 1200 MHz central processing unit.
- 256 Mb RAM memory or more.
- 636 Mb free hard disk space.
- 32 Bit or 64 Bit hardware architecture (x86 or x64).
- Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Homepage: mariadb.org
Status: Freeware
Installer: MSI
Detailed information MariaDB

Supported formats: SQL

File properties: Detailed information Checksums
No data
CRC32: 3FF3B847
MD5: 089A35644A57CE2C1A5937FC911FA3FC
SHA1: 9A3A3B77DBA2135BAA4E6125B63784F78855C4A4
SHA256: c38cd89d1d9e00520386c498696f7deccc6c6878ce48c2e0b41f3a1f0b23900d
CRC32: 4832338E
MD5: 255FED8F0D89684C2459FF74EC06AD51
SHA1: D82C33A6ED6BA8B9771B9CD8E52171D6E603E8E5
SHA256: af1bd5e2b1fac179cf16109f7101858342f56f12fafe05845fd8beb9870beadc
CRC32 : 9DB0AC86
MD5 : 57CB4ED617740832E14C4CA1BE3A9EB6
SHA1 : 795C35C63D75A77D00B89170661421723D89F4C9
SHA256 : c205fe07c2818077be0e70380bb9050307caad6ea0523b6af1da0c32989a6410
CRC32: D15F9A4F
MD5: 125A13458FB76C134C9F69C19885E427
SHA1: 421B93F38421FAE43C33C617ADC2F1907C337E21
SHA256: 0c005caf4c3df3490c3bc9975c41cc62ad9f9817fdbc7acf50c47dbc2c5a23be

Last updated: 04/12/2015 Update History
2015-12-04 21:35:40

Digital Signature: Available

Silent installation switch: /PASSIVE /NORESTART

Portable version: Available

Paid alternative: Microsoft SQL Server

Awards: Not available

Competitors: MySQL, SQLite

Xetindex: 100 from 100

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