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Adobe Shockwave Player

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Adobe Shockwave Player is a media player specially designed to play the Shockwave format, which is the standard for internet apps and games. The program has low system requirements and is compatible and fully integrable with all popular browsers. It can work through a proxy server too. Setting up Adobe Shockwave Player you will gain access to numerous applications, online games, entertaining and educational contents. On a corporate level the program can be used for conferences too. Please note the program is only a player and can't be used for editing and creating projects.

Скриншот Adobe Shockwave Player #1 Скриншот Adobe Shockwave Player #2 Скриншот Adobe Shockwave Player #3


- Automatic integration with all popular browsers.
- High speed performance.
- Works with any internet connection.
- Access to entertaining content.
- Low system requirements.
- Access to educational apps and games.
- Does not conflict with third party utilities.
- Continuously improved and updated.


- Closed source code.
- No portable version available.
- The installer may contain third-party advertising.

System Requirements

- 1200 MHz central processing unit.
- 64 Mb RAM memory or more.
- GPU with 128 Мb memory or more.
- 40 Mb free hard disk space.
- Any compatible sound card.
- 32 Bit or 64 Bit hardware architecture (x86 or x64).
- Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Homepage: adobe.com
Status: Freeware
Installer: No data
Detailed information Adobe Shockwave Player

Supported formats: No data

File properties: Detailed information Checksums
File Name                       : adobe.shockwave.player.exe
Directory                       : files.xetbox.com/downloads/software/system/components
File Size                       : 13 MB
File Modification Date/Time     : 2015:04:22 16:01:11+02:00
File Type                       : Win32 EXE
MIME Type                       : application/octet-stream
Machine Type                    : Intel 386 or later, and compatibles
Time Stamp                      : 2009:01:28 20:42:44+01:00
PE Type                         : PE32
Linker Version                  : 9.0
Code Size                       : 25600
Initialized Data Size           : 37376
Uninitialized Data Size         : 16896
Entry Point                     : 0x3542
OS Version                      : 5.0
Image Version                   : 0.0
Subsystem Version               : 5.0
Subsystem                       : Windows GUI
File Version Number             :
Product Version Number          :
File Flags Mask                 : 0x0000
File Flags                      : (none)
File OS                         : Win32
Object File Type                : Executable application
File Subtype                    : 0
Language Code                   : English (U.S.)
Character Set                   : ASCII
Company Name                    : Adobe Systems Inc.
File Description                : Adobe Shockwave Player
File Version                    :
Legal Copyright                 : © Adobe Systems Inc 1985-2012
Product Name                    : Adobe Shockwave Player
CRC32: 75D0D1AA
MD5: 24758F81760E4EC9D0F1089F8B55331F
SHA1: 909EB56733CBAC7E02BBE18AC4A5DEE24C8468EE
SHA256: bfa7b3c1473505659bbe18d036dd893503ebfb9ccf158f5fab5d8ceb7b3b7254

Last updated: 23/04/2015 Update History
2015-04-23 23:43:50
2014-04-23 16:36:58
2014-02-11 14:17:28
2013-11-29 14:49:16
2013-10-29 19:09:57
2013-09-10 15:19:03

Digital Signature: Available

Silent installation switch: No data

Portable version: Not available

Paid alternative: Adobe Flash Pro

Awards: Not available

Relationship: No data

Competitors: No data

Xetindex: 87 from 100

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