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Norton Family

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Norton Family is a great parental control tool for monitoring and censoring online activities and contents of children. The vast availability of computers and internet these days means same online contents are indiscriminately available for all ages. This utility provides an interface for parents for assigning multiple restriction parameters and allows to monitor child's activities on any internet accessing software. It provides reports on websites visited, search terms and contents viewed for a healthy feedback. You can also define daily time quotas to control time spent online and the program provides mobile interface for parents to control and monitor home computers on the go.

- Cloud based parental control service.
- Monitor online activities and produce reports.
- Supervise browsing habits and websites visited.
- System tray presence and background operation.
- Block websites on multiple parameters and criteria.
- Assign daily time quotas for online browsing.
- Report terms and contents used in searches.
- Record online chats and conversations.
- Provides email alerts for inappropriate behavior.
- Mobile device support for remote monitoring.

- Closed source code.
System Requirements
- 1200 MHz central processing unit.
- 128 Mb RAM memory or more.
- 45 Mb free hard disk space.
- 32 Bit or 64 Bit hardware architecture (x86 or x64).
- Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Developer: Symantec
Status: Freemium
Installer: No data
Detailed information

Supported formats: Not available

Analytical data: Comparison

File properties: Detailed information Checksums
File Name                       : norton.family.exe
Directory                       : files.xetbox.com/downloads/software/security/firewall
File Size                       : 15 MB
File Modification Date/Time     : 2013:12:04 11:00:14+01:00
File Type                       : Win32 EXE
MIME Type                       : application/octet-stream
Machine Type                    : Intel 386 or later, and compatibles
Time Stamp                      : 2013:10:08 06:51:22+02:00
PE Type                         : PE32
Linker Version                  : 10.0
Code Size                       : 574464
Initialized Data Size           : 661504
Uninitialized Data Size         : 0
Entry Point                     : 0x5377a
OS Version                      : 5.1
Image Version                   : 0.0
Subsystem Version               : 5.1
Subsystem                       : Windows GUI
File Version Number             :
Product Version Number          :
File Flags Mask                 : 0x003f
File Flags                      : (none)
File OS                         : Windows NT 32-bit
Object File Type                : Executable application
File Subtype                    : 0
Language Code                   : English (U.S.)
Character Set                   : Unicode
Company Name                    : Symantec Corporation
File Description                : Norton Family
File Version                    :
Internal Name                   : Norton Family
Legal Copyright                 : Copyright © 2013 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved.
Original Filename               : Setup.exe
Product Name                    : Norton Family
Product Version                 :
Product Date                    : 10/7/2013
CRC32: EF4E4555
MD5: 1E58EB64853ADAC3AFD14F12BDD7404A
SHA1: 7E886344ECB4A9EB2E56959F85F5671591AE468A
SHA256: 7a036dd591d555447648b7676e865db7ac5a19b001ec3edd63a266a4617fc10c

Last updated: 06/12/2013 Update History
2013-12-06 19:36:54
2013-11-07 14:47:24
2013-10-17 13:47:45
2013-10-12 14:19:04
2013-09-19 15:02:05
2013-08-19 13:55:46
2013-07-03 21:38:10

Digital Signature: Available

Silent installation switch: No data

Portable version: No data

Paid alternative: Dr.Web Family Space

Awards: Not available

Xetindex: 90 from 100

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