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Bitdefender Antivirus 1.0.9

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BitDefender Antivirus is a free antivirus scanner that provides a comprehensive and proactive defense against many known and unknown computer threats. It include smany powerful modules such as its active real time shield, B-Have module that allows running suspicious programs in a safe environment, HTTP scanning and filtering modules against intrisive rootkits, phishing software, trojans etc. You can set it to run scheduled scans and quarantine or remove immediately any malware and potential computer threats.

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- Powerful multidimensional antivirus utility.
- Ultra fast scanning and efficient removal.
- Real time shield against all types of threats.
- Proactive virus detection and control algorithms.
- HTTP scannning and filtering of phishing sofrware.
- Anti-rootkit modules with advanced intrusion detection.
- B-Have module for analyzing and runninng unknown programs.
- Run scheduled scans and automatic removal of threats.
- Create activit logs and reports.


- Closed source code.
- No portable version available.
- The functionality leaves much to be desired for.

System Requirements

- 1200 MHz central processing unit.
- 512 Mb RAM memory or more.
- 314 Mb free hard disk space.
- 32 Bit or 64 Bit hardware architecture (x86 or x64).
- Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
- Internet connection (online installation).
Homepage: bitdefender.com
Developer: BitDefender
Status: Freemium
Installer: No data
Detailed information Bitdefender Antivirus

Supported formats: Not available

File properties: Detailed information Checksums
File Name                       : bitdefender.setup.exe
Directory                       : files.xetbox.com/downloads/software/security/anti-spyware
File Size                       : 9.5 MB
File Modification Date/Time     : 2018:01:08 15:53:28+03:00
File Type                       : Win32 EXE
MIME Type                       : application/octet-stream
Machine Type                    : Intel 386 or later, and compatibles
Time Stamp                      : 2016:08:14 22:15:49+03:00
PE Type                         : PE32
Linker Version                  : 14.0
Code Size                       : 188416
Initialized Data Size           : 265216
Uninitialized Data Size         : 0
Entry Point                     : 0x1cab5
OS Version                      : 5.1
Image Version                   : 0.0
Subsystem Version               : 5.1
Subsystem                       : Windows GUI
CRC32: 9739BDCC
MD5: 565A8F9B90FBEACE043507C1C8A3F5BD
SHA1: FDB96131C53D7E128E832D5DB3B56E2694381B88
SHA256: 6e45dff06c5f3cd4ddb8f4b87b0f89ee4f3a53951fb56efbc66ba81c818d5ab1

Last updated: 08/01/2018 Update History
2018-01-08 15:55:35
2016-12-12 21:50:20
2013-07-24 13:16:44
2013-07-11 12:39:44
2013-06-22 16:12:26

Digital Signature: Available

Silent installation switch: No data

Portable version: Not available

Paid alternative: BitDefender Internet Security

Awards: Not available

Xetindex: 62 from 100

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