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ChrisPC Ads Blocker 3.1

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ChrisPC Ads Blocker is a small but powerful free software that will block all ads while you surf the Internet, protecting your privacy by blocking tracking scripts of ad networks and web counters. It means you can watch videos on Youtube, Dailymotion etc without annoying on screen ads and banners. It offers advanced settings and options where you can configure for instance the language of the banner. It runs in the background with system tray minimization from where you can easily access the program and turn the ad blocker on and off easily.

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- Enhanced internet browsing without ads and banners.
- Prevent and block annoying pop up ads.
- Block ads in specific languages and content.
- Remove Youtube ads and enjoy seamless viewing.
- Blocks rich media and other non-standard types of ads.
- Protects your privacy by blocking tracking scripts
- Easily turn the ads blocker on and off.
- Supports all major web browser.
- System tray minimization and easy access.


- Closed source code.
- No portable version available.

System Requirements

- 800 MHz central processing unit.
- 256 Mb RAM memory or more.
- 6 Mb free hard disk space.
- 32 Bit or 64 Bit hardware architecture (x86 or x64).
- Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Homepage: chris-pc.com
Developer: Chris P.C.
Status: Freeware
Installer: Inno Setup
Detailed information ChrisPC Ads Blocker

Supported formats: Not available

File properties: Detailed information Checksums
File Name                       : chrispc.ads.blocker.exe
Directory                       : files.xetbox.com/downloads/software/internet/network
File Size                       : 2.1 MB
File Modification Date/Time     : 2015:02:27 11:22:03+01:00
File Type                       : Win32 EXE
MIME Type                       : application/octet-stream
Machine Type                    : Intel 386 or later, and compatibles
Time Stamp                      : 1992:06:20 00:22:17+02:00
PE Type                         : PE32
Linker Version                  : 2.25
Code Size                       : 37888
Initialized Data Size           : 17920
Uninitialized Data Size         : 0
Entry Point                     : 0x9b60
OS Version                      : 1.0
Image Version                   : 6.0
Subsystem Version               : 4.0
Subsystem                       : Windows GUI
File Version Number             :
Product Version Number          :
File Flags Mask                 : 0x003f
File Flags                      : (none)
File OS                         : Win32
Object File Type                : Executable application
File Subtype                    : 0
Language Code                   : Neutral
Character Set                   : Unicode
Comments                        : This installation was built with Inno Setup.
Company Name                    : Chris P.C. srl
File Description                : ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker Setup
File Version                    : 
Legal Copyright                 : Copyright © 2014 Chris P.C. srl
Product Name                    : ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker
Product Version                 : 
CRC32: 704EC66A
MD5: D38432AB1D2BF00413E2D2E8A09B31E4
SHA1: 7156FFC619385DE8AB463F97D908D3D9786DBD7C
SHA256: 0c67f5f519f2ca60b1cab41a13150acdd81c3934dd9ee8c512f1d1dc7113051e

Last updated: 27/02/2015 Update History
2015-02-27 14:35:26

Digital Signature: Available


Portable version: Not available

Paid alternative: Ad Muncher

Awards: Not available

Competitors: AdFender, Ad Muncher

Xetindex: 96 from 100

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