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You probably have come across many compilations of various operating systems either online or at your friend's house. Did you ever ask yourself how are these discs created? Maybe you would like to create one yourself? Well, that's what Win Toolkit is for. With this utility you can create a complete image of the Windows operating system and edit it. It works seamlessly with ISO and BIN images but you can convert to other formats too. The program has powerful capabilities; it can create an image for any component such as drivers, programs, desktop themes etc. You can merge two operating systems, 32x and 64x, into one. Also, you can create a fully rebootable USB drive. This way you can set up any operating system on any computer even without an optical disc drive.
MD5: 2299B7093AC7DEAEFA97FD368AAD5384

Size: 5.28 MB

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