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CoolNovo is a browser written on the popular Google Chrome platform. Actually, the program has almost the same engine at its core. However, the developers of the program CoolNovo did not dwell on the idea of creating a backup browser. The program has some features that are available in Chrome after installation of some add-ons. CoolNovo has almost the same site bar as Opera, it has the ability to control the browser with mouse movements only, has full support for sites that are opened only on Internet Explorer, etc. The program also has a built in CoolNovo ad blocker and a module to protect personal information for safer browsing.The program allows you to temporarily hide all the windows, which will not be seen either in the tray or in the task manager applications. This is sometimes useful if you suddenly need to get access to your desktop or other documents but you do not want to close anything.
MD5: 3CE342F83986CF2FE741F50AFFC6F284

Size: 38.65 MB

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