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CocCoc Browser is a fast and witty web browser of Vietnamese origin incorporating Google Chrome's open source code and the general browser layout. CocCoc basically means knock, knock and is available in Vietnamese as well as English languages. It is considered a more versatile browser than Chrome and boast a couple of powerful features. One is its DNS bypassing capability which allows accessing blocked websites like Facebook. You can download virtually any web based media content, such as audio and video, and save it to your directory. Download speed is greatly accelerated using a multithreaded engine and you can resume stop downloads, even when closing down the browser. The browser has its own search engine which many claim performs faster and with greater accuracy than Google and is poised to become a very successful and popular web browser around the world.
MD5: BC5F90E045D1E9C21E930295685994A5

Size: 48.19 MB

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