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Slimjet is a portable Chrome based web browser with added functionality and flexibility. It has fast launching and browsing speeds and supports all kinds of bookmarks, favorites and speed dials for quick and convenient access to web pages. It has fully customizable toolbars and buttons as well as new tab views. You can download videos from Youtube using its built in video grabber and also take screenshots of web pages with its screen capture tool. One added feature is its quick photo editing using frames and basic tools before uploading to the web. It has a powerful photo compression algorithm that can compress photos up to 20 times and significantly increase upload time.
MD5: 9FB806B9F965E6558D0BF2B07E5C64ED

Size: 42.35 MB

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MD5: 49D334D7999C3BC4994C848D2E31EA04

Size: 74.84 MB

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MD5: A3C3783071FAF45C66C184D43612E2DD

Size: 46.6 MB

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MD5: BAE7D21F13355D47CE00F1618EF7C749

Size: 85.13 MB

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