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Firefox Hybrid is a portable compilation based on the Firefox browser. It does not contain any advertising modules and is free of third party components and utilities. It was designed for sophisticated users with a multiprofile browser use. All profiles can be launched simultaneously and each one has its specific uses as below:
1. Classic - an ordinary lightweight version of the ordinary browser.
2. Home - gets rid of annoying floating banners and teasers.
3. Hybrid - optimized version for enhanced surfing.
4. Safe - hides IP address and user agent. All traces of user are deleted after closing the program.
Firefox Hybrid is portable, can be archived and safely launched from any carrier and PC.
MD5: B0BDA5D673A00414EC7EEFD8E7C772D3

Size: 56.25 MB

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MD5: 67B83C436F3F2A89BA41717869D9A28A

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MD5: 94A0E2B642C0CF62209B4AD1B25400A6

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