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Windows Live Essentials 16.4.3528

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Windows Live Essentials is a suite of applications from Windows that are deemed essential and very useful. These include such apps as Outlook, Windows Messenger, Photo Viewer, Movie Maker, SkyDrive, Writer etc. It is compatible with other web-based services such as OneDrive and Outlook.com. It supports all Windows OS family and upon installation it gives you the option to choose or ignore specific components. The program provides a complete suite of general tools to organize photos, videos, write blogs and connect with your family and friends.

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- Collection of essential Windows apps and programs.
- Integrate email clients, image viewers, movie makers etc.
- Cross compatibility with other Windows services.
- Includes the Windows Live Messenger.
- Supports all Windows OS versions.
- Easy installation and setup process.
- Choose or ignore components to install.


- Closed source code.
- No portable version available.

System Requirements

- 1500 MHz central processing unit.
- 512 Mb RAM memory or more.
- 225 Mb free hard disk space.
- 32 Bit or 64 Bit hardware architecture (x86 or x64).
- Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8
Detailed information Windows Live Essentials

Supported formats: No data

File properties: Detailed information Checksums
File Name                       : windows.live.essentials.exe
Directory                       : files.xetbox.com/downloads/software/internet/messaging
File Size                       : 133 MB
File Modification Date/Time     : 2014:04:07 23:14:06+02:00
File Type                       : Win32 EXE
MIME Type                       : application/octet-stream
Machine Type                    : Intel 386 or later, and compatibles
Time Stamp                      : 2014:04:01 06:27:13+02:00
PE Type                         : PE32
Linker Version                  : 11.0
Code Size                       : 947200
Initialized Data Size           : 138806272
Uninitialized Data Size         : 0
Entry Point                     : 0x36596
OS Version                      : 6.2
Image Version                   : 6.2
Subsystem Version               : 6.0
Subsystem                       : Windows GUI
File Version Number             : 16.4.3528.331
Product Version Number          : 16.4.3528.331
File Flags Mask                 : 0x003f
File Flags                      : (none)
File OS                         : Win32
Object File Type                : Executable application
File Subtype                    : 0
Language Code                   : Unknown (0019)
Character Set                   : Unicode
Company Name                    : Корпорация Майкрософт
File Description                : Установщик Основных компонентов Windows
Internal Name                   : wlsres
Legal Copyright                 : © Корпорация Майкрософт (Microsoft Corporation). Все права защищены.
Original Filename               : wlsres.dll.mui
Product Name                    : Основные компоненты Windows
File Version                    : 16.4.3528.0331
Product Version                 : 16.4.3528.0331
CRC32: 687D5091
MD5: 37F1611257E1BD2F388BDDE2AE921EB6
SHA1: 514263CAD3C4D865B58ACFB433AC1570F4F2EF1E
SHA256: 468f00fced93208df9ac262a4054ad2c6e6e5a7191c87ee7d86452d494f07c8c

Last updated: 17/04/2014 Update History
2014-04-17 18:56:09

Digital Signature: Not available

Silent installation switch: No data

Portable version: Not available

Paid alternative: No data

Awards: Not available

Relationship: E-mail, Messengers, VoIP

Xetindex: 84 from 100

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